Cultural Popcorn – New York City – 10/22/23

Photo by Mohamed Almar of Harlem River Drive, Manhatten, sunset, through chain link fence.

Cultural Popcorn Ep. #359 – English Bob takes you on a brief musical field trip to ‘New York City’ with music by Le Butcherettes, Geese, Cat Power, Caitlin Rose, J.W. Francis, Leadbelly, Gershwin, Cab Calloway, Mildred Bailey, Ritchie Havens, Lou Reed, Simon & Garfunkel, Bobby Womack, Bill Withers, Edwin Starr, Harlem River Drive, Grandmaster Flash, Gil Scott Heron, Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, Beastie Boys, New York Dolls, Sonic Youth + much more! Picture by Mohamed Almari via Pexels.

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