Human Interviews, Sundays at 7 p.m.

Cole G has been producing Human Interviews for several years now. A unique project and program, Human Interviews combines interviews with individuals about deep topics together with musical selections inspired by the interview. Cole describes the history and purpose of the project:

The project started in 2014 when I began to record myself asking existential questions of people I know or people I meet. The interviewees are of different age, place, race, background, religion, belief, and experience Рall answering the same existential questions about self, time, love, death, perception, and other things that bring wonder to me. Mostly unanswerable things. Originally, all interviewees remained anonymous to stand in solidarity with early participants who could not be named to protect their safety. With permission, I shared the Interviews in my workshops, art installations, and as sound scores in dance rehearsals and performances. In 2020 I became a resident host on Verge.FM and the show took its current form- where I curate excerpts of these dialogues to feature multiple people in a single episode. Around this time I learned that some folks need to be named and anonymity became an option everyone could take. Interviews are often collected on the fly so the show is very lo-fi and when aired on the radio, include a favorite song or two of the participants or mine. The purpose of the project is not to find answers, but to ask the questions and to share other people’s perspectives since I believe listening to different ideas and imagining new ways of being is important for humanity. Explicit language and views with which you may not agree.

Cole archives the interviews on Spotify, and you can listen to the three that have aired thus far on Radio 614 below. The next program is this Sunday, August 20 at 7 p.m.

The Loop House Festival Preview

On this episode, Sarah sits down with Krystopher Scott, the events coordinator of the Loop House Music Festival, happening this Wednesday, August 9, at The Fort. Radio 614 will be doing our first-ever video broadcast from the festival. Watch our website on Wednesday for more details.

The Loop House Festival and Southside Community day will take place this Wednesday, August 9th outside The Fort. From 3-5pm the Community Day will be a great place for families to gather for back-to-school supplies, lots of food, and a plethora of essential resources for everyone. From 6-10pm the Loop House Music Fest will be taking place featuring 6 amazing DJs and a chance for the community to bond through music and dance!

Radio 614 Live – Saturday, July 8, Used Kids Records

Join Radio 614 from 12 noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday 8 July at Used Kids Records. DJ Dynamo, The Voids, and more special guests will spin the tunes. There will be complimentary pizza and beverages, and volunteers will be on-hand to answer your questions about doing a show on Radio 614. Most importantly, there will be thousands of records to browse and purchase.

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