Picks – Sue Harshe

Sue Harshe of Scrawl and Fort Shame is Shirley’s second guest on Picks. Sue decided to spin the theme to “Songs I Wish I had written”. Sue prefers music that the listener can live inside, with plenty of space to appreciate the different parts and the whole of the song simultaneously. Perfect autumn soundtrack.

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Nelsonville Music Fest- Preview #5 (More Interviews!)

Our fifth and final preview of the Nelsonville Music Festival, which begins Friday, July 21 at noon. In this episode Sarah interviews Dylan Telerski, Marketing and PR Director for Stuart’s Opera House and the Nelsonville Fest. Sarah also talks to DJ Adam Scoppa of Heatwave, who will be performing a closing DJ set on Sunday night at the festival. Along the way we hear great tunes from featured festival artists, including Kurt Vile, Big Thief, Wednesday, Shannon and the Clams, and Geese.